What does the system do?

screenshot_kioskThe kiosk display is interactive and direct-care staff can view their daily schedule, view individual duties, and confirm duty completion by entering client skill data.

The kiosk process is implemented on a computer which resides in the client living (or working) area. The Kiosk process presents all the information needed for each staff person to complete the duties of their shift. Individual client schedules, complete with recommended performance times and priorities, can be examined. The same information is organized by individual staff member so then he or she may readily see the ordered list of activities and duties for which he or she is responsible.

Additionally, features are incorporated into the Kiosk process permitting the direct-care staff to use internal “E-memo” communication, manage client funds, view work schedules of all staff, find key personnel assignments, set up vehicle usage schedules, see identification photographs, and search other information useful in their work environment.