The CappsDATA process will soon be available to interested human service organizations.

We are forming a nonprofit consortium and will be admitting members to service providers who have a shared interest in quality program services. Membership services include installation of the software, assessment of service options, and training on the software functions. Ongoing services include software updates, server management, and coordination of technical assistance. Consultation and resources will be available on-site, on-line, and/or by phone.

The CappsDATA software provides centralized support on a virtual private network accessible through the internet. This entails modularization of the functions into a 3-tier system which allows database support on a central server. Among other things, this eliminates the need for administration and service support to be at the same geographical point of service delivery. It also results in smaller and better modules for purposes of maintenance and distribution.

Members will have access to an expanding base of experience which includes a shared database of client service programs and ideas. Members will also be part of a mission-directed organization committed to ongoing improvement of software functions and services. A substantial portion of the consortium resources will be dedicated to future research and development to meet members’ needs.

You are invited to participate in this new and innovative development in the delivery of human services. In keeping with our nonprofit tradition, we will be offering CappsDATA at the lowest cost possible.

If you are interested in exploring consortium membership, please contact us.