What does it do?

CappsData provides

CappsDATA is an integrated, real-time system which supports the provision of individualized, high quality human services. It is designed to assist in planning, displaying and gathering information, then routing the information to the people who need it most when they need it. Using CappsDATA enhances active treatment service delivery and works to ensure the gathering and reporting of useful and accurate information for tracking outcomes.

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Efficient Planning

Master Scheduling for Direct-Care

With CappsDATA, you will be able to maintain a registry-of-persons database. Keeping track of information such as employment status, work schedules and daily planning that requires timely information about when staff is scheduled to perform their direct care duties.

CappsDATA allows you to manage all of the activities in which a client engages in. With each activity comes one or more duties. In other words, measurable amounts of work that can be assigned to staff. CappsDATA will allow you to keep track of the specifics of duties, what is expected to support the client, the associated documents, prioritization, and the estimated time required. Duties will then have detailed task lists that can be broken up into time blocks (morning, noon, night ect.) With CappsDATA, it will allow you to effectively schedule your person-to-person services in an efficient, user-friendly way.

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  • Staff Scheduling
  • Duty Assignment
  • Task Coordination
  • Day to Day Consistency
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Program Development

Planning & Implementation

CappsDATA enhances active treatment service delivery and works to ensure the gathering and reporting of useful and accurate information for tracking outcomes. The collection, management, and dissemination of accurate, relevant information about direct-care performance have become the primary barrier to the satisfactory delivery of individualized human services. The job is much too large for currently used hard-copy data collection and documentation methods.

Using CappsDATA’s data collection you will be able to inform and develop each individualized program over time, according to a client’s needs. Staff will be able to implement the same procedures consistently which helps the clients learn at a faster rate and reduces the required levels of supervision. From entry throughout their tenure, direct-care employees are able to do greater amounts of work with more effectiveness and with shorter training periods. Best of all, the employee morale is much higher because employees know what to do and that they are doing it well. Not surprisingly, almost all employees will do a “good job” if they know what a “good job” is

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  • Quick Staff Training
  • Real Time Information
  • Reduced Supervision
  • Client Satisfaction
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Health and Data Reports

The report process accommodates the various types of reports that can be generated by selecting a time period and specific information to report. The reports are used on a weekly, quarterly and annual basis to communicate service to the team members. The reports can include summaries of service outcomes, affect and health, and a full service outline with assessment. CappsDATA is capable of generating large amounts of information about execution of tasks and duties.

The assessment process is designed to provide concise and informative summaries of resident proficiency. Since virtually all information is collected, the assessment process can occur immediately and routinely. It includes assessments summaries at the duty and task level, as well as a ranked list to see at a glance what needs to be reviewed immediately. A legend of four icons is used for all levels of assessments to provide efficient viewing of large amounts of information.

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  • Data Visualization
  • Quickly Share Information
  • Customizable Reports
  • Staff Accountability

Using CappsDATA

CappsDATA moves all of us closer to realizing the dream of high quality and cost-effective human services for those rendered vulnerable by illness, disability, or age.

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